Review: House Monsters

Review: House Monsters

House Monsters is a card game from Branum Games. We received a review copy in advance of their Kickstarter.

The game comes in a standard card game box. 


Instructions - 4 pages, card size

54 cards: 13 of each color red, blue, green, and yellow, plus two cards of double color.

Object: The first player to have zero cards wins

For 2-6 players, ages 5 and up


House Monsters cards


Cards are divided among the players. The player that draws the Sticky Mess card (one of the two dual color cards) goes first. 

 Each player plays a card that matches the color of the card played. Follow instructions on the card played.


Reverse order of play.

Shuffle the order discards. Deal one out to each player.


The game has some nice mechanics that encourage some strategy. For example, you cannot play the same card just played.

Each card has no icon (for items) or an emoji face: happy, surprised, or angry. Passing just means you can't discard if the card has no icon or a happy face. But, if it has a surprise face, you draw a random card from another player. The angry face means you draw 2 random cards from the discard pile.


House Monsters is very easy to learn. Strategies can be discovered with some familiarity with the game. The artwork is good - reminiscent of Phil Foglio's yet distinctive. This is a game playable with non-gamers and kids. The game plays quickly enough. You might play while in line for the next panel or while waiting for your friend to choose his caster's spells on his turn. 


House Monsters

House Monsters